ISO 1/4 limbs kit or set

I am searching for a 1/4limbs kit or set of limbs. It can be to strip, second or 3rd quality.
If you have some not too expensive.
Thank you !

I just got the Ember kit and I’m only using the head. You can have the limbs for $10 plus shipping

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Oh gosh I am sorry I did a typo I meant 1/4limbs !
Thank you but I will pass, I really need 1/4limbs !

Oh, ok!

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You can order 1/4 limb sets from @MacPhersonCrafts

I know but they are pretty expensive. I can buy 2 BB kits for the price !

These are the 1/4 limbs I was thinking about…


I see. I may buy those if I found nothing. It’s not for reborning but for create and modeling my bodies.