Isnt this doll the Kmart berenguer?

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Has anyone reborned their’s yet? Makes me want to actually go to Kmart. lol
This one is very cute.


Love his chunky legs!!!


I am a believer now!! I thought everyone was nuts to want one! And to think I was just at Walmart today! When I get one someone will have to tell me how to put the parts on a cloth body. Never done that before!


Here’s mine in progress… the eyes are not set I just popped them in to snap a photo.


Isn’t he cute? Terriesdoll from this forum is the artist of that baby.


He is adorable! I just started working on one last night. Honestly, I think the sculpting on these babies is way better than some of the kits out there, the hands and feet are very detailed. I was comparing one that I had to the little Max kit, I love Max’s little face but I don’t think his arms or legs are as good as these little berenguers and he cost about 4 times as much. If berenguer would come up with a few more versions with the same kind of detail, they would be a really big hit. Now only if BB would restock that neck piece they used to carry, I really don’t like have to use the neck piece from the torso.


Do you have to dremel the hairlines off? And if so…is it hard? What are you using to strip the original color…Windsor/Newton?

Jordie…am use to the “naked” babies…LOL


you call them Kmart, is that the only place that carries them? And what is the actual name of them. Thanks

Oh and can you tell me what size eyes they use.


Stef it doesnt get any cuter than that you have done a brilliant job on him or her. His skin looks so real.

Does he come with a neck groove?

Lisa tell me how did you get 20 of them? Did you raid every Kmart in the state?

I only saw 2 of the cheeky looking one, my favorite, at the only Kmart I know of. I didnt buy them because I have some kits to do already but after seeing how they can look I want one.



Lady they are made by berenguer and Kmart sells them for 20.99 if you are lucky enough to find them. The company is JC you can look them up on the web.

Some web sites sell them for $39 and up.



I know the Walmarts in Canada sell them. Does anyone know if the Walmarts in the USA sell them?

The ones that the Berenguer dealers sell are more money but the vinyl is softer and they come with their “parts”.


Walmart might be holding them back for Christmas.


I think you all might have discussed this in detail before, but please tell us clueless people exactly what that doll is, the price, and if it is soft vinyl. Also, how in the heck do you put a cloth body on it? I swear if I find it somewhere I will by enough to send to anyone who wants it-- just pay actual cost and shipping. I am obsessed now.


Oh! they are so sweet! the one on the auction and the one shown on this thread!! I will now be as obsessed to find one around my area!!



Ellen, they are 14" long and are sold at Kmart for $20.99 They only have the 2 open eyed ones at the Kmarts. I think the arms have grooves in them so all you would need to do is get a body for full limbs. I’m not sure about the head. I haven’t looked that closely at one yet. I am going to Kmart tonight to find some. The vinyl is sort of soft but not as soft as the Euro Berenguers. Did that help?


Yes, that helps!!! I will look for one! I went on line and saw the others—I like this one best I think. Thanks!


I think the vinyl is very soft. There is no neck so you have to get a ring. As far as putting them on a cloth body nightngale makes a wonderful berenguer bodys with full limbs.


I have one but I bought it from one of the doll dealers and I paid much more than that for it. That is a great price.


So do you have to dremel their heads…anyone?


— Begin quote from “Jordie”

So do you have to dremel their heads…anyone?

— End quote

Sorry Jordie I did not see your post until now. I did not dremel mine and it works fine. The lines of the hair are very shallow. I used Windor and Newton to strip the factory paint also.