Isabella Reborn Vinyl Doll Kit by Regina Swialkowski

Hi~I just this kit~andI love her! I am newer to reborning so I have a few questions someone might be able to answer:

She is 26 inches in height, and I wonder if anyone knows what size she wears in clothing and in shoes?
I want to wig her as I am not ready to root her and need great ideas for a wig and where to get one!

Thank you!

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I am currently putting Henrietta together. She’s a 26inch by same sculptor. I’ll let you know once I get her together.

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@Mommarobin Thanks a buncho! :hugs::heart_eyes::relaxed::kissing_heart: has large size wigs. Do you know her head circumference?

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so I just popped her together real quick. This dress is a 9-months . I have another outfit that is 3-6 months and it will fit…I just like things to be a bit bigger than smaller, so I’ll buy 6-9 months for her


That is a BEAUTIFUL dress!

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Thanks! I know pink really suits her, and I was glad I had this dress in my closet


Yes @jeanhai itis 26 inches tall.

Thank you @Mommarobin I thought that would bee about right ~Gorgeous dress! :kissing_heart:

What a gorgeous dress!!