Isaac body help (update- put new body on!)

Hello all, I am new to reborns. I have recently bought my second baby. He is an Isaac kit from bountiful baby. He arrived a few days ago and has great weight, but something is off with his body and I’d like some help figuring out what it is!

I am trying to figure out if I might need a new body for him, or if it is simply a weighting/stuffing issue that I could fix. He is very long, which I don’t mind! But are his proportions off? I do not know the size the artist used for this body. He is very well weighted, very floppy arms and legs, but his body seems to be very lightly stuffed, making clothes not fit very well. They tend to fold and bend when positioning him, making them appear unnatural. I expect some bending, I do not want him to be very stiff, but it seems like a lot! His chest also puffs out a lot in the front, I am wondering if this is due to the body type? But where he is already lightly stuffed I am afraid adding stuffing will make the “puffiness” worse! He does hold very nicely and have a bit of an arched back when lifting like a newborn, the weight in his head appears to be in the back. But his head is extremely pliable. I don’t know how much (if any) stuffing is in there.

Do you all have any suggestions or observations on how I could get his body a little more to my liking? I understand weighting and shape can be very personal but does anyone have recommendations on what body might fit Isaac best? Or even pictures of what bodies they have used to get an idea for how another might fit him? As I said before this is only my second baby, so I’ve looked at bountiful baby to see what they have for options but am struggling to envision how their recommended bodies would look on this doll.

Thank you for your time and help.

UPDATE 5/27/20
I went with body 7540 and it fits him great!

I may have overstuffed him, so I may change that later. I think I want him slightly floppier because right now it is mostly just his head that still flops a bit. But I definitely want to avoid all the excess space he had before!

Also, his clothes do fit so much better. Switching his body really made a huge difference so I appreciate everyone’s help!

I think the body is on backwards.

He also has long upper legs (thighs) where a front loading body would work.

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He is definitely on the wrong body. That body has 3/4 legs and he has full legs. Try putting him on body 7540, 4160 or 3432 and you will be much happier

You know, that could definitely be possible, but all the ties are on the back! :woman_shrugging:

Thanks! Do you have a recommendation among those? They all look pretty similar to me.

They are all pretty much the same. Biggest difference is 7540 has string ties and the other two have cable ties. 4160 has a piece of fabric that covers the limb holes so stuffing can’t poke out while you’re assembling, but I always attach limbs first so it doesn’t do anything for me. The actual shape and size of the body is really no different. If it was me I’d probably just buy the cheapest one at the time I ordered.

Thank you so much!

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Bountiful Baby body 7540 will fit him the best.

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