Is this hair gonna fall out?


I am worried because not a lot of my hair is poking all the way through (maybe I am rooting at too steep an angle? Or too shallow trying not to break my 46g?) I am afraid if it doesn’t poke all the way through to glue it will fall out?




I use a gauge 46 and that’s normally what mine looks like. I haven’t had any big problems with hair, but I only just learned to root


It is probably either that your needle is so slanted that it is going into the vinyl sideways or like you said you are not rooting it all the way through the vinyl.It needs to go all the way through so that it can be glued.All the little gaps where it is not going all the way through may very well soon be bald spots after a couple of hairdos.


This is not what I was hoping to hear… :frowning: I was hoping for something more like, “Fill with boiling water and it will tighten around the loose hair to secure it” or some way to fix it without re-rooting. (I think my angle is too steep, I try to push top the where it changes to full needle size (it is a crown) except when I feel the needle threaten to bend… then I back off. A few times the angle has been severe enough I could see the shadow of the needle vertical under the surcae… :confused:


Is it for you or to sell?


If it’s a keeper ,you just have to remember to be extremely careful with the hair.


One of the other forum members may have a solution for you.


It’s for me (most likely) but I do need to wash and gently scrub the hair because I used Prisma white to draw the rooting map guidelines.


This has happened to me a few times. I’ve been rooting along thinking im fine until i finally look Inside to see the missing patches and hair hardley poking through!! Ive had to pull all the hair out and start over in those spots bc its way too hard to try and go through each hair to poke in further. I have left one head that was rooted this way and sure enough, after washing and combing through the hair, it just came out. When there’s not enough inside and its just poking through a tiny bit, you can’t glue the hair down. It just pokes right back up and your not actually gluing it down to anything if that makes sense. If you are just keeping this baby and don’t want to deal with pulling it out and re rooting right now, then i would just finish it and glue down what you can and later if the hair comes out you can redo it then if you wanted. Or maybe if your real careful, it will be fine for you. Sorry this has happened, i now root with a rooting light inside the head so i can’t see inside unless i take the light out but i now always check inside every so often to make sure the hair is pulling through enough!!