Is this a good supplier?

Is Irresitibles a good place to buy from if BB doesn’t have something I want? Anyone have experience with them? I’ve never heard anything one way or the other since I have delt with so few places as of yet.

Sorry but I would only ever order from there if I was out of my mind desperate! Way way over charges for everything and her shipping is down right crazy! There are many many good suppliers of about everything you can name and they don’t try to rip you off. I think she is pretty famous with most reborners because of her bad business practices. What kind of places you want to know about? I think I know most if you are in the USA.

Thanks. I knew I could count on the forum ladies!

I have never had anything but a positive experience with Irrestibles. All of my questions are addressed immediatley, the shipping is fast and they have what I am looking for. They are a very reputable dealer.

So why does Irresistables charge way more for everything than any other dealer that has the same kits and supplies? I have been reborning from way back and I have never been charged anywhere near what they do for shipping. I have to ask why would a person even want to pay her extra charges per kits and also since when is shipping $13.99 for a preemie or newborn sized kit? Especially also knowing that businesses get a shipping discount from USPS. I can ship my smaller completed reborns for around what she charges just for a small blank kit. I for one want to get the most out of my spendable dolly dollars and it sure isn’t going to that business, not when there are so many other good ones out there working to save as much for you as they can. Esther is a nice lady but way over priced!

I agree, the service is very good, but the prices are way too high for me. I like to shop at if I’m not shopping here at BB

I am not saying that her prices are great but I am saying that her service is great. That means alot to me. If I order from her I don’t have to worry about when or if I am going to be receiving my items.

I must of caught her at a bad time then because it took a long time to receive the kit I ordered from her. She is a nice lady but I just refuse to buy from businesses that make a lot of the extra money from over charging shipping costs. Everyone is in the same boat now days with money being tight, so this sure don’t help any. It just reinforces me shopping at places that do offer top service in all areas. Believe me they are out there too!

I’ve bought from them in the past and have always gotten good service and quick shipping. That said…I do think their shipping costs are too high (although she’s very upfront about it and basically says it is what it is - period) and I usually only order there if that’s the only place I can find that kit, etc. I also like to order from Sandie. She’s very accommodating and I’ve never had a bad experience with her.

Is her shipping a little high yes but your package is insured. She will replace the kit if anything happens to it in the mail no questions asked. To ship an average kit (one kit) is around $8.00 to $9.00 without insurance. She does offer combined shipping also. Her prices have always been this since I started Reborning so it isn’t like she just raised them or something. I have been doing this over 2 years now and I have seen prices all over the place. Her kit prices are within market value. check out her clearnace or on sale prices some of the more expensive kits are marked way down. She has a set of twins buy one get one free. So again I say I have no problem with her prices. She sells top of the line quality kits, her customer service is outstanding and if I have to pay more to have less stress in my life then I will. I know when I order from her I am getting good service and good products.

I for one do not have the extra money to throw away paying inflated prices, so I guess it’s what any of us want to pay. I have been reborning well over 6 years now and believe me I have great buying experiences through other dealers without having to pay those prices. Many of her discounted kits were at one time priced at least $10.00 to $20.00 plus higher than anyone else was selling them for at the time, then add on extra shipping. Possibly why they didn’t sell well when they first came out? I belong to several forums and private groups and I can say I am not alone on my thinking here. But each to his own. I myself will personally pocket my extra dolly dollars I saved being a money conscientious shopper and buy extra goodies with it. JMO

What about Doll Dreams?

Thanks ladies. You’ve all been a great help. It’s so hard to figure out who to trust your hard earned dollydollars to. Thanks again.

My main suppliers of kits are Doll Dreams, Bountiful Babies, Irresitables, Dolls by Sandie and Creative Impressions in the US when they don’t have it I venture to the UK and go with Tinkerbell Creations, and Simply Reborn.

Doll dreams charges too much for postage. when I wrote to her saying I was overcharged she grudgingly refunded the difference between what I paid her and what she spent on postage. She wasnt happy but what the heck fair is fair.