Is this a fake? Please delete


Please delete…


Not sure why you think it’s fake.She has 3 reborns for sale and all look like different artist made them. Is it because she is new to Ebay and has no feedback yet?


The first picture on this auction is not hers. The rest probably are. Except for that these seem legit. Who knows.


For one thing, when I saw the auction, there was only one photo.
There were no other photos of the reborn (maybe she had just listed it?)
And with zero FB yes I did suspect it was a fake seller, with one photo and no FB.

I guess I should have kept it to myself…


No,it’s always good to ask and point things out if you suspect something is not right.


I didn’t want the eBay auction to stay up though, being questioned, if it was on the level…I wouldn’t wan to hurt someone’s reputation if there is no reason…