Is there anywhere I can find a 1/2 ruby red galleria mohair?


I know Bountiful Baby has ruby red mohair, but i need more like a 1/2 ounce they only carry the 1/4 ounces, so I been wondering, where is a place that sells more ruby red mohair in a pack?:slight_smile:. I’m kinda on low budget to for those nice high end quality mohair that’s out there like slumberland, Susan nagel, etc. So I’m looking for some easy to root mohair.?


1/2 oz of ruby red costs basically the same amount as nicer quality hair like @Rainbowbabies
As far as I know you can’t buy 1/2 packs, but 2 1/4 oz packs would be enough if you’re really set on using it.


If you root short hair and cut it before rooting, it lasts longer and has less waste. It also goes further when less hairs are rooted per hole.
I really like Angora Mohtique hair, I have never used slumberland or delta dawn so cant compare to those but any hair is better than ruby red.


Hi, what size needles did you used to root the angora mohtique hair with? Thanks for idea!:heart_eyes:


I use the pink coated needles, I think they are 42gg and 3 barb. If I root more hairs than I want I pull some out and reroot them in a new hole.


Ok, That sounds great!!:slightly_smiling_face:


I have not heard of this one, Jenni. I will have to put it on my list of good places to purchase mohair. Thanks!


Go to their site much cheaper, Ruby Galleria. Its not the best but starting out it is cheaper.


Even on a tight budget, it’s worth it to buy better hair than Ruby Red Galleria. It’s really poor quality, dry, brittle and gets frizzy. It’s also not as easy to root as better quality mohair. I’ve used Slumberland, Delta Dawn, Golden Fleece Boutique, Angora Mohtique and ShangriLaRanch. I’ve liked all of them. They’re all way better than Ruby Red. You’ll spend a lot of time putting that hair in and you’ll want it to look good when you’re done.


I had ShangriLaRanch alpaca, but their alpaca hair is extremely hard to root. I couldn’t even get the needle to crab a single hair.


I’m currently using alpaca hair for the first time. I’m using a spiral needle. I was using a 2 barb needle but switched to a spiral because it was taking forever to do even an inch. The spiral is working better. I love the alpaca hair. It’s so much like real baby hair-straight, fine, shiny and soft.


That’s great!!, what size spiral needle are you using?


They’re 40 gauge. I got them from There is a learning curve with the spiral needles. You have to use small amounts of hair at a time and not push the needles all the way in or it can cause plugs. The few that I do get I just pull out as I go. You might want to practice on a test part.


I think I have 40 or 42 G spirals and the same hair! Do they leave larger holes? @jeanhai


No. Mine leave virtually invisible holes.


Would 46g crown needles work with the shangrilaranch alpaca hair?


Probably, but I haven’t ever used them.