Is there anything you can get at WM to use as weighting material?


I’m out-of-town right now but still working on reborns; only thing is, I didn’t bring my weighting material, my glass beads/pellets.

Is there anything you can get at WM to weight the reborns with?


I use Daisy BBs in the sporting good section.


I’ve never used BBs - can you get them in a big bag or what?

I don’t have any baby clothes up here, either…


Some Walmarts carry the poly pellets but not all.


I would do Polly pellets in the limbs and steel pellets (bbs) in the body and head. Craft stores should have Polly pellets. Make sure you don’t get copper bbs but steel.




@Simone, you will find the BB’s in the sporting goods in a little clear container. You don’t need too many of them, they are heavy. Put them in a pouch.


Put the BB’s in a vinyl glove (if you’re not opposed to this) because, unless you can find stainless steel ones, the others (copper or zinc coated) can rust if they get damp. That could bleed color through the body over time.


I have used the zinc coated ones and never had them rust. I have opened up my baby to check them and they are still silver as the day I put them in. I do not use them in the limbs though. Just cloth body.