Is there anything to tell 1stgrade kits from seconds?

We do not mark the 2nds.

Also, our international minimum has been $39.95 for some time (our domestic minimum remains $14.95).

Bountiful Baby

I haven’t tried to buy a BB kit off ebay for precisely that reason - I don’t know for sure that they are first quality and because their prices are higher than BBs! I guess what you are trying to get are kits that are being resold locally. I think you are just going to have to assume they are second quality and be pleasantly surprized if they turn out to be perfect! That is the only way you can not be disappointed other than just biting the bullet and ordering from BB. Too bad they don’t have a branch in Australia that could get the kits in bulk and resell them. I don’t know how much demand there is for kits over there but maybe you can find a company that is willing to buy kits to resell.


I am bringing the kits into Australia to resell,at the moment l am mainly selling on ebay part of the problem is buyers are expecting you to sell them for the same amount they can buy them for on the BB site.
Buyers dont take into account if l am buying them for $34.95 x approx $12.00 postage per kit x $4.60 in ebay fees x $1.80 in paypal fees =$53.35 before you make anything for selling them.
At these costs a lot are choosing to pay the extra and buy the more expensive kits.
l do try to always note if l am selling a seconds kit and if a buyer asks l will double check to make sure there are no faults that l can see on the kit.
I hope that helps with understanding why the kits cost as much as they do in Australia .

The other thing l forgot to add our Australian $ is between 8-10 cents less than the American $ so that adds approx $5.00 to each kit as well.
I did just want to add the quality of the BB kits is great even compared to a lot of the expensive kits and the new ones with the greater details are excellent and they have great customer service if you do have a problem.

Have you tried contacting them to let them know there is a problem, l agree it’s not fair to pay for something and not get what you asked for.
I know l have several people who buy of me who have mentioned getting kits with problems of others but if nothing is said they will keep selling seconds kits with problems and nothing changes.
Unfortunately a lot buy by price first and dont realize that their may be a problem with the kit.
I love your mermaid.