Is there any way to make a beautiful baby your first time

I know it may seem like a stupid question but I have these big dream of having a beautifully painted doll, even though it’s my first time using genesis. Please drop any confidence boosters, reborning tips, stories of success and more. I just don’t want to mess up on this baby I’m going to create. I do have some few questions about painting. I’m wanting a beautiful “just born” complexion (inspiration is below NOT OWNED BY ME). How thinned out should my paints be to achieve a beautiful pink baby? If you could, please show some pictures of the genesis to thinner ratio:)

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This is my first baby. I was going for a nice warm complexion, but I didn’t go overboard with the details. Your first will be a little overwhelming, but if done carefully, you can make a beautiful baby. I would say your paint should never be any thicker than milk when you are doing skin layers and washes starting out! HTH!


Having your first baby look like a prototype is a TALL order :smile: just remember build up thin layers. I mainly painted in acrylic before so thin build-up was a real trick for me to learn. Ghsp is very forgiving too. If you don’t like what you’ve done and haven’t baked yet, just wipe it off. Lots of people make pretty first babies. That can definitely be done.


beautiful job! Thank you for the advice!

I witnessed several new reborn artists to create a beautiful first baby. One of them was Akemi @Asiancupcakes and this is her first baby
Another one is already responded to you - @AlyBrick.
One RA is not active all the time @GypsyRoss, but her first baby Brittany worth of a prototype, imo.
So, yes, it is possible.


To answer your question on a ratio I would recommend to watch tutorials from Anette from Australia, which she literally shows how much paint on a brush and how much thinner needs to be mixed or ‘Reborn With Me’ by Kim.

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There are quite a few naturals, and some like me take 3 years of practice, lol! I am getting there though!

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I took a class by someone who lives in my town. She actually painted one of the prototypes Frankie for a well known artist. She made sure all of the students’ dolls turned out well. She was one on one with each of us. So if you have that opportunity, maybe at one of the doll shows, that may be one way to get your best results or maybe their is someone where you live that would give you lessons.

He is beautiful!!

I watched everything I could on YouTube. Reborn with me is really helpful. Research all u can.

Thank you, Yelena. I think my biggest help was Annette, who you mentioned. She paints very lightly for my taste, but she certainly helps you put paint to vinyl like a pro.

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Thank you. He was always a little girl to me, but he sure did become one beautiful boy!

The best way to have a lovely finished baby (be it your first or not) is: Take Your Time!! It’s easy to get impatient and want to see what your ‘baby’ is going to look like all finished, fight that feeling—Patience is crucial to a good finished product!! Use Genesis paint in thin layers to achieve the best results. Good Luck. @preciousmoments03


The best thing you can do is take your time and look at many tutorials.
However, prototype artists have practiced for a long time. You may be able to create a sweet first baby, but prototype quality is probably going to be impossible.


I’ve been reborning since before genesis. We used creme paints. Store bought dolls and wigs

I still learn something with every baby.

Here’s what I can tell you.

  1. go slow.
  2. ask questions.
  3. don’t expect too much. It will take time to learn reborning. My first dolls. Ehhhh…well…
    They call it growing pains
  4. you can always strip the paint and start over.

And most important. Have fun!
If you enjoy the process you will love the doll. No matter how it comes out.


Most of the people who make first time reborns who come out nice and are even marketable, typically have a background in art. I haven’t painted since I was in High School and Im 51…my first was ugly but I was proud of him at the time and my daughter still has him in her room. I use acrylics (air dry) so maybe its easier with Genesis but I wouldn’t know. I think you should definitely take @taylorsgirl advice and just have fun. If you put too much pressure on yourself then you may be unhappy with the whole process. Maybe get some test pieces first and practice?


I just love a pink baby.

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My first baby I used as a test baby. I experimented with all kinds of things on her. It made it more fun to not have the pressure of her turning out perfect and I was able to test everything out so that my next baby turned out tons better!

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No and no. Your first baby won’t look like a prototype baby but it may be your most precious baby because you will put so much of yourself into it and it will be an amazing adventure.

For the best success go to You Tube and gobble up tutorials, watch artists you love paint, look at lots of babies.

Then take your time, go slow, enjoy each step. Once you bake it is on to stay so make sure that layer feels right before you do.

I wouldn’t try advanced moves like hair painting and mono rooting first time, bald babies are beautiful.

There is no magic ratio. Every artist paints differently. Some paint thick some paint in watery layers. Some are bolder while others paint with a fairy brush. Some paint in pastel colors some paint in deep rich reds and wine.

Try barely there layers at first, let them build up as you go.

Play with mixing colors on your pallet.

This is learned by doing it, over and over and over. Start off with some sale babies. BB has babies has sculpts for as little as 17.00. Don’t buy all the rings and plugs and bodies etc. Just buy 3 or four of those sale babies (to make the shipping worth it) and play. If one makes your heart happy then buy the body and all the “stuff” and put her together.


This is my first baby