Is there a market for reboens?

Hi all I’m new to reborning under a year. I’m wondering if there is a market for reborns. I mean I don’t wanna start a business but I can’t afford to have lots of babies sitting around either. I know it must vary from artist to artist but just curious. I’m also wondering if ebay is the best way to go?

I think there is definitely a market for reborns but just be aware it is competitive. Ebay is the only way I have sold my reborns but there is also a new site called etsy for hand crafted items. I haven’t tried yet but I must might. Some baby dolls go for hundreds and even thousands. I just love doing it but I do get a little discouraged if one of my babies doesn’t sell and I have to reduce the price. Also remember the economy is a little slower but I think it is picking up.

My advice to you would be start with one or two and jump in and get your feet wet. You may find that you love it so much it really is worth all the effort. I think a good presentation and good pictures really help. Also, a plug for Bountiful Babies kits. They are very soft and easy to work with and very well piriced yet very beautiful details.

Good luck reborning. It is amazing to watch these little vinyl kits start to become so lifelike even the artist is amazed.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I kinda get discouraged because it seems like the people around me aren’t interested or even a little “freaked out” by reborns. I love being a member of this forum and getting wonderful advice from people who share in the love of these beautiful babies.

Reborns have a come a long way in the years since they have first been introduced. At first there wasn’t many artists making them, and along with practice people were constantly coming up with new techniques that collectors were hurrying to buy. Even dolls that were not nearly as good as what is now being done were selling. Of course, with the increased demand and exposure came more and more people who wanted to reborn for themselves increasing the competition and driving up the prices of materials (i.e. over $100 for a blank kit!!).
So back to the basic question; there remains to be a market out there but it is getting more and more difficult to make sales, especially for unestablished artists. However, I do think that raw talent far outweighs experience in many cases. Also, with the price of materials going up… and increasing ebay fees, many people are no longer willing to pay what we have into the cost of just making our dolls, let alone making a profit.
Honestly, what I would advise any new reborner is to start slow and make sure you are doing this because you enjoy the process and not to make a quick buck. You may have to make several babies before you start to turn any profit at all… and that is for someone who truly has talent. As for the rest of us… many of us are really struggling to make any sales at all, let alone ones that allow us to break even with the cost of supplies.