Is there a market for Puppy / Doggie Clothes & Accessori

I make one of a kind puppy clothes and accessories - clothes, collars, treat jars, dishes, etc. I noticed Ebay doesn’t really get a lot of attention for items like this. I was thinking about putting together a website but with Wal-Mart and other dept stores offering such cute little outfits for a low price I just don’t know if I would get any sales. Just wanted to get your opinions!

I have no idea if this is any help to you, but this is what I could come up with: … nline.html

I have chihuahuas so I’d say yes!

I have seen stuff like that do really well at craft shows. The lady next to me had stuff like that at a show I did in the summer and it seemed to fly. She had cute beds, outfits, toys etc…for dogs and cats.

Thanks ladies, I appreciate the encourgement! And the link posted was very helpful too. I have lots of things already made and had been stock piling for a craft show (I’ve never done one!) I’ve started working on the site and I will definitely share it when I have enough info on it.

You are all too kind, thank you so much

I haven’t seen any pics of your items, but I think that this is the best time of year to get those things out there. People want to buy their pets things for Christmas and if they are like me, their pets already own more than they need. So the different and the unusual gift is a sure sell.
I know I spoil my Yorkie with new clothes whether he needs them or not, and most of the time he does not. But he knows all about packages and gifts and he just “has to” have things to open on Christmas.
Little hats, leggings, fleece coats, doggie mats, place mats to put under dog dishes, even little quilts to put in dog crates. All would be sellers, in my opinion.

i have a st bernard and it can be hard to find anything for them but then again he prob wouldn’t be to happy getting dressed up,lol.

would love to see you work!

I took a few quick photos today…not the best, but I just snapped some of the items (clothing) I already have made to give yall an idea ~ I have more accessories and stuff too which I will have on the site. I’ll have better quality pics on the site when I have it up and running! … /Clothing/

You have made some adorable handmade furbaby clothes! What do your prices run?

Very cute items. I think you could do very well. Get it out there and let people know, most especially for the Christmas gift giving season.