Is that one of the new minibabies?

Browsing through clothes I noticed on item 3764 it said click to see a picture of the item on bountiful baby. It’s a cocoon wrap for the upcoming mini babies. I clicked & it’s got a baby in it that’s supposed to be a bountiful baby. Some of the other mini baby things have a different baby posed in them. Sooooooo what do you guys think?

I bet it is one of the new babies, so cute. The little yellow set is adorable. I almost bought it, but just bought Kyra today.

I saw that little one too! I love it!

That is so cute! I love it.

I think I found another one, item 3765. she is also a cutie!!!

Aww, that other one is sweet too! I hope those are the mini’s; they’re adorable!

wow, that mini was soo cute!!!