Is my vinyl too hot?

So last night I cured my base layer last night on a preemie kit. I set the nuwave oven to 250F and let it cure for 11 minutes (8 minutes at 250). While watching it cure the fan blew the head over so I paused the curing process at 3 minutes remaining and tried to prop the head back up. The vinyl was so hot and soft. Is this normal?

Some vinyl can get very soft when baked, and some vinyl stays a little firmer. I think the softest head when heated was Noah Schick, for me. It got really soft when baked but was pretty firm when room temp. It can vary between kits.


Ok I just didn’t want to ruin my doll in the first few coats of paint

Different vinyl can be softer or firmer, but I’m wondering, do you have an extender ring on your oven?


Do you use an extender ring and a seperate oven thermometer?

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yes I do have an extender ring