Is it true? If so this hurts us all... Update

Just posted this thinking it was true but now I am not sure. In any event it hurts us all when people pick on us like that.

I took a look at the web site and it’s all bull, I do not believe anything this web site has to say. … arges/212/

So it’s not even true then? Wow that makes me sad then. I hate it when they pick on us.

I don’t get it at all…was it true and I think I know that “tina marie” from another doll forum., can’t say for sure, but if it is her, she is a very credible person.

This story is absolutely fales. Searching verious news web sites resutls in no hits. The only search result that appears is the Wine and Excrement web site. If this was a true story the news search engines would have a result.

What does “Excrement” mean anyway? All rubbish… I guess we can all form our opions based on the words meaning.

the word means waste -and is mostly used in refering to body waste as in poo-poo!!! which this artical is -how ever i dont put anything past anyone when it comes to illegal acts

It’s most definitely spoof. The author declared that herself on another forum.

This is a tongue in cheek article, written to make fun of certain people (not sure who in this case), but it is just a site that pokes fun of things and people, and not intended to be believed. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt reborners. I am pretty sure the author is a reborner or a collector herself, but I don’t know who she is.

The whole article is exactly as titled. Excrement! Blow it off as a strange sense of humor on someones part. Not to worry ladies, we are all reasonably sane and practically normal.