Is it possible to bake a doll with rooted eyelashes?

I have a baby that I want to add prisma hair to, but she already has rooted eyelashes. Is it possible to bake her even though she already has lashes? Is there a way I can prevent the lashes from burning off?
Thank you in advance!


I have done it several time and had no problem…Not saying it is risk free though - just my experience…lol I slathered a heap of conditioner on the lashes and then just washed it all off when it came out…

Maybe get a few more opinions though…I have been very blessed and never melted anything so I may just be fortunate? :no_mouth:


Thank you so much, Starr! :smile: Maybe I should root eyelashes on a test head first and bake it and see what it does, before baking my little Tulip.


Maybe place a wet cloth over the eyes, if you can?


Maybe, but that may be kind of tricky. The cloth could slip off the face. :confused:

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I do it all the time lol :slight_smile: No issue or problems with the lashes


Maybe a thick headband like a tennis players use ,wet and placed on the head over the eyelashes.

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I’ve wet a little hat and pulled up over the neck opening side and over the eyes …tucking it low enough behind the head that it doesn’t touch the prisma. Then I lay it in the oven with the eye-side down. I’ve covered eyes before, with a damp cloth, but it has fallen off with the swirling heat. So now I do the hat trick - lol


I have curled up lashes (not in a good way) with heat when they weren’t protected. I have also put a wet cloth over the eyes and they have been fine. You could also use a heat gun and just heat the painted hair.


That’s usin’ yer noodle, Michele!:nerd_face:


Thank you so much everyone! now I can experiment and see which way works. :wink:

True but definitely cover the lashes with a wet cloth if you use a heat gun because a heat gun WILL definitely singe your lashes off more so than a nuwave style oven…(Ask me how I know that? hahahahahaha) I used it once to fix a spot on an ear and even though I held it away and wiggled the heat gun around so that it was not over heating one spot, I didn’t realize it was blowing in the lashes as well and it totally curled them to cinders…lol had to re-root them so just be careful whatever you do,., :smile:


If I bake a bald baby that has just rooted eyelashes and no hair and I place him on his face in the oven during the baking process will the heat still go down under to his face and mess up his rooted eyelashes?

(This actually not the doll I’m trying to bake, I was just showing a example of what I mean by laying the baby on his face.:wink:)

The eyelashes will be fine if they are mohair. If a synthetic fiber, I wouldn’t heat it.

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Glad to see answers here. I just searched on this topic and found this thread. I am out of practice and rooted my lashes before I varnished my head. :roll_eyes: So, I am going to carefully varnish around the lashes and bake it all carefully.