Is it just me????

I had a lady who wanted me to make a baby exactly like my Summer Baby Exchange, the Scarlet sculpt. So I quickly ordered another sculpt so I could start right away. I got the order today, and the sculpt looked different to me. The eye openings looked to be VERY small! Even the shape of the nostrils were different. And just before I posted this I noticed there was a crease across her forehead that isn’t in the pics here, or on my other Scarlet sculpt. What do you guys think???

The crease…

Ahhhhhhhhh lol I guess I’m a little late to the game on this one! Well I don’t like the new sculpt with smaller eye openings and a crease in the forehead. It looks defective.

The gallery of Scarlet shows the changed vinyl- her face is totally different

I don’t like the new Scarlett at all.

I really don’t care for ANY of the “new and improved” sculpts…the feet have WAY too many creases to suit me, and I don’t like all the extra lines in the faces, either. Glad others have noticed. I’d rather have the smoother, more delicate looking faces, feet and hands…NOT the ones that look like they’ve been soaking in a tub of water all day.

And jere i was thinking to buy jer sculpt no u guys are right she looks nothing like the one shown in tne gallery
Seems to me like unimprovements so sad she wss so pretty.

This is very sad…I hadn’t realized Scarlet was one that they changed. We had a hard enough time liking her
to begin with when they first posted her pics…no one liked the ‘red demon baby’ but the contest changed
peoples minds…Now they went and ruined her…
I just went to the gallery and had a good look. The worst differences for me are her big round cheeks and
her teeny tiny eyes. They are way too tiny for the size of her head. Before they were kind of squinty now
they are squinty and narrow. I wonder if it’s possible to widen the corners out like the old vinyl…

I have been wanting to try him too! I don’t like how we’re kinda forced into using a smaller eye. When it seems like most reborners prefer to go up one size than what is recommended. No being forced. To go down a sized. Their eyes look too small for the face. I wonder what the reasoning is behind WHY they felt these changes needed to be made. And is this going to happen to all the sculpts when they switch over to the new material?

I just knew she would end up on sale RIGHT after I bought her. But it is a custom order for Christmas, and I didn’t want to chance waiting until last minute! Ughhhh