Is anyone using Artdollery?

I am hoping it will be a great new place to sell

Well if you actually sold a baby or two a month and great price may worth it. I not so sure about the artist whose price aren’t to high . $20 / month + PayPal fee can be expensive.

Wishing everyone good luck !
Following them

$20 a month and PayPal fees is the exact same as Reborns dot com.


I haven’t sold anything there yet but I love the look of the site. I’m going to stick with it a couple of months and see how it goes. I let my reborns membership lapse.

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I listed some dolls on there a couple days ago. Just waiting to see what happens. I posted my link from artdollery on a couple Facebook reborn selling groups.


Many left since reborns. com canceled the $10 membership

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I left because of unprofessional behavior on Dave’s part. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Suddenly become greedy and messed up . He really tried to fix it , but oh well you can’t please everyone . Used to be a great place for a few years . Sadly , I left as well .

I had my Luciano listed on artdolleries, he just sold on Etsy, so I had to change him to adopted on Reborns and Artdolleries, but on Artdolleries you have to totally delete the post, so no one looking can SEE previous babies you’ve made :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They totally need an adopted page. Congrats on your sale!


I was kind of hoping to be able to switch over when the kinks were worked out, but this is a problem. I’ve been contacted so many times by people who browsed my online nursery on the reborns site when I didn’t even have a baby listed and ended up requesting a custom. At minimum, they wanted to know what was on my painting table… I hope that this will be added along with an adopted page in the very near future.

Congratulations on your sale!!!


Can you not just edit the title to say SOLD?

Thank you. I sure hope they improve the site.

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I think if you just add “sold” to the listing, the option to BUY remains the same. I could be wrong, but I couldnt find any other way to unlist the baby without deleting it.


In an effort to be completely transparent with my community I am sharing my response that I sent to this seller. She was unhappy because a buyer backed out of a sale, and because I was having an issue with the service I use for my helpdesk contact. I would like every customer to be happy, but need to follow policy in order to be fair to everyone and sustain the business as it grows. Thank you.

The owner of the site isn’t the seller and it isn’t up to her to decide what is or isn’t substandard. That’s up to the sellers.

The process and Terms of Use remain the same. It is and has always been the customer’s responsibility to cancel their account before it renews if they no longer wish to use the service. If a customer fails to do so before their renewal period, a refund will not be issued. I was in no way rude to you, nor treated you poorly. I expressed that I understand your frustration with a buyer not following through, and apologized that my helpdesk service was not functioning properly when you tried to contact me. My contact information is available in my Terms of Use, so you could have contacted me via that method. However, this has nothing to do with your ability to cancel prior to your renewal date if you no longer wished to use the service. I hold the site to high standards, and am constantly working to update and better the site, and will continue to do so, so that our community has a great place to buy and sell.

Maybe you could do this through a PM?

Thank you for making my point about lack of customer service!

To spew out policies that you make to benefit your greed, when, the ethically thing to do would have been to give me back a refund, after all I did NOT use your services for this month, nor will I.

After all customer service is not handled by a blanket statement, but providing individual service to those that keep you in business. And handling,each person as person, and look at individual issues, and the part you played in the issues of concern.


I had similar issues. I messaged her right after I noticed I was billed. Ended up messaged several times, as I got no answer. She told me she sent replies, it it wasn’t in my inbox (or spam).

I understand everything you’re saying!