Is anyone making a special baby for Valentines Day?

I was fixing to start on a baby I have been wanting to do for over a year and tried once and just could not make it work. Now I know a little more I am goign to try again. Is anyone else doing something special for Valentines day?

Great idea!!

I have a number of customs I am working on, but I wanted to try to use one of the BB “fairies” and make a CUPID.


I would love to see a cupid of a fairy. That is a good idea.

I hope I have the time to do it


I am doing a devil baby. I have always wanted to have an angel baby and a devil baby. I am getting close to having my little Devil finished.

I have decided to do a cupid and a valentina from the Berenguer Lil Cutesies instead. Almost finished - will post when I am done.


I am not making a Valentines baby but I love the ideas you guys are coming up with. I am still working on Baylee. My husband got me this kit for Christmas and she is for sure a keeper. Can’t wait to see pictures of your babies.

I love the Lil’ Cutsies. Bought a couple when they first came out to put up for Catherine and thought then that they would be great as reborns. They would have to have painted hair because of the ridges probably but they are so adorable. Much better than the lots to love dolls. Still trying to come up with a Valentine’s baby!

Cupid and Valentina made from Berenguer Lil Cutesies.

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Judy, they are adorable!!

thanks - I thought they would a fun thing for Valentine’s Day. Love those big eyes!


Adorable, Judy!

Thanks Karen -
No interest on Etsy or yet, though.


Judy you should have entered that pic in the contest. I looked at your bed and I love that. is there open storage under it or drawers? I am thinking my hubby could make me something kinda like that IF you would not mind I used your idea and put my personal spin on it.

When I saw the valentine babies today I wish I had thought to enter Cupid and Valentina. Oh well.

My husband actually made that crib. It is just 4 pieces that I hook together with cable ties. I use in on top of a craft table for my craft shows. It keeps the babies from falling off the table as well as keeps “little fingers” out. I have a regular crib at home.