Irelyn:list of whose taking the challenge

Is there another post about what this is about? Just wondering…

There are quite a few actually

I believe it started in the thread about unattractive sculpts and has turned into a friendly challenge to see who can make Irelyn cut(est) :blush:

Search for posts with Irelyn in the title for more info.


I guess I will give Irelyn a shot. I like the sculpt.


I really want to and I love Irelyn but I don’t know how to get my pictures on here from Picasa. I’d really appreciate some help with this if anyone can.

To get pictures in a post, I drag and drop the pic from my pc to the text box and it only takes a few seconds to load.

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Thanks, Amy. I’ll give it a try. Jean

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I would love to join,mine is done x x

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@fairyrebornbabi, below is the link to the post that has the entry info (ie: where to email the pics):

Also, in case anyone has forgotten the original premise of this challenge, It it just to make Irelyn adorable. There are no prizes. It’s not a contest. It is entirely for fun!