Irelyn deadline

So I’ve been kicking around deadlines for this challenge and I’m thinking it’s March 6th, so how about six weeks from now? Does that sound reasonable? Feel free to make a suggestion. I’d also like a place where all the competitors are listed…like a sign up spot. That way we’d be able to know exactly who’s in. We’ll also need a spot to list WIP’s and a place for the finished dolls. This is where I bog down and hope Emily can help me. I am getting really excited about this and can’t wait for my kit to come. I have decided to lay all other projects aside and concentrate on this one.


I’m really slow, but I think 6 weeks is okay.

I’m going to try and set some bounderies and the exact deadline on Monday. I’m slow too and it would be really embarassing to have been the one to get this ball rolling and then not finish! LOL

Ok I bought a Irelyn kit this should be fun :blush::blush: I should have him Monday or Tuesday . I always wanted to do that kit so I’m looking forward to it. I know a lot of people don’t care for that kit but I think he is cute. There was one lady selling him on eBay an he was georgous. So please keep me updated between work an my kids playing sports it takes me a little longer then a lot of you.