IRDA Reborn confrence in CA.!

Stefany Sullivan of HoneyBuns reborn supplysand Pres. of IRDA is Hosting a reborn and OOAK confrance in june-3-5 !!! This is our chance all you west costers !!! I hope she gets lots of attendies and everyone has a great time -there well be vending spaces avilable and a reborn doll show !!!Anyone here interested?

Lara from Angels in Waiting Nursery and REAL forum will be doing a class there! How exciting!

Yes !!! And Pat moulton well be teaching a sculpting class !!!There well be venders tables and a reborn comp. ,a baby shower brunch and Stefany Sullivan well be teaching Reborning A-Z !!! we are so hopeing to be able to net work with all the talented Ladies on this side of the USA !!!

If I had the ability, I would so be there. I would so LOVE to sculpt with Pat!!