Introducing Wendy, new prototype by Jacqueline Kramer!

Good Evening!

We are excited to introduce our newest upcoming release! Wendy, sculpted by the talented Wendy Dickison, is coming soon! Wendy has such a sweet newborn expression and is a perfect newborn size. She is about 18 inches long when completed and comes with full limbs. You can see more of her details here:

Our first ever Wendy prototype is on eBay now! She was reborn so perfectly by master artist, Jacqueline Kramer. You can bid on this sweet prototype here: Her auction is also featured on our homepage at

Bountiful Baby


It’s wonderful to see a new sculpted kit! I love the realborns, but I’ve missed BB’s artist kits too :blush:


I am thankful for the sculpted kits, also. I do have a few real borns and they are so awesome. But, I am retired and I can’t afford all the real borns. Thanks, BB, for thinking of all of us!

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How cute. I love the grumpy face.
The realborns are awesome, but sculpted dolls just have such personality!