Introducing Shannon Asleep, New Realborn!

We have another amazing new Realborn coming soon! This is Shannon Asleep. Sweet Shannon is about 18.5 long when completed with full limbs. You can find the link to sign up for her release here: Realborn® Shannon Sleeping (18.5" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). She has the most adorable lips ever!

Our first Shannon prototype was reborn by Elena Matterna. Elena’s prototype is absolutely stunning! You can view her auction here: Prototype Shannon Asleep (now Kevin) by Bountiful Baby, reborn by Elena Matterna | eBay. Don’t miss your chance to bid on this sweet baby.

You can also see more photos of the real baby here: shannon asleep - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). Real Shannon’s photo session was a fun one to do. She slept perfectly for her princess setup, until we added the pea under her mattress. After that, she woke and stayed awake for the rest of her photo session. We had a good laugh over that! She surely is a real princess. :wink:

Bountiful Baby


What a cutie. :blush:

Elena’s version is phenomenal! No one would ever guess that’s not a real baby.


She is gorgeous!

I like this one.

Oooooo I love this baby!!!

I love this one! I will definitely be ordering her :heart_eyes:

What a cutie!! :heart_eyes:

I can’t wait for this one

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