Introducing Realborn® Silvia Asleep, Prototype by Jacqueline Kramer!

Good evening,

We have the most stunning new prototype on eBay now! This is Realborn® Silvia Asleep, reborn by Jacqueline Kramer. Jacqueline’s prototype is perfection, just check out that hair! You can find her auction here: Prototype * REALBORN Silvia by Bountiful Baby * Reborn * Jacqueline Kramer | eBay.

Realborn® Silvia Asleep is about 20 inches long when completed with full limbs. You can find the link to sign up for her release here: Realborn® Silvia Sleeping (20" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). This little girl has the most adorable lips and feet. She looks so much like the real baby as well! You can see darling video of the real baby here: Realborn® Silvia - Beautiful real baby footage - YouTube.

With love,
Bountiful Baby


Absolutely gorgeous! :heart:

She is very sweet., Jackie can make any kit gorgeous!

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I agree…i love her skills!!!

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