Introducing Oliver Huffelpuff 🦔


I brought this little toot home last week, hes took no time at all stealing my heart. I love him!

Sorry it’s not babah related but I love to share him!


he is ADORBS!!! wook at dat wittle facey wacey!!!


Oh my goodness what an adorable lil cutie. I am curious are the sensitive to anything, heat or cold. Curious I may want one in the future but have a drafty older home so not sure if the environment is sufficient for one.


Yes they need heat but it cost me 35ish dollars for his lamp and thermostat on amazon. It’s pretty warm! They need to stay around 73 to 80 degrees


Thank you. Enjoy your little snuggler


He’s adorable!




So cute!!


Awwww, he’s precious! I’m a sucker for little animals…probably why we just about live in a zoo! LOL


I wont tell you what I own. I’m a single science teacher who probably will just have animal babies so yeah I’m a zookeeper lol


He’s adorable and I love his name!


I have the same issue…6 cats and 2 dogs. Our elderly bunny died this year right after Christmas, it broke my heart :frowning:
Keeping the hair out of my paint is a huge challenge but Ive learned to be very vigilant and very clean :wink:
@Pitmom390 we have wild hedgies running around here where I am living in France. We had a Mommy and her two babies living in our garage a couple years ago.


Wild Hedgies wow how fun is that!


That’s awesome! My grandfather is from holland and is absolutely in love because he had one they kept when he was a boy. The wilds are cute!


Exactly I cover my paints and use a dust buster and constantly change my paper towels


He’s so CUTE!


That would be an amazing childhood pet, something out of a story book!


I just love him!!!


I have two cats, two dogs, 4 geckos and a hedgehog lol


I do store my babys and supplies in ollie/ lizard room, so no free roaming hairy pets get to my stuffs!