Introducing myself.... Hi everyone!

I joined this forum over a year ago but haven’t been very active. I thought it was a good idea to introduce myself. I and a Mama to 8… We live in Georgia. I have been to several doll shows and usually have a table. I have been reborning 9 years on and off. I also make custom baby clothes, and love all things vintage.
I use the name ShabbyLittleBabies for my art.

Here are my latest babies, and sets.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.



Very nice. I like the vintage and your business name.

Hi and welcome. Your work is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Misty. Beautiful babies and gorgeous clothes. I love all things vintage too x

I’m glad you came out to meet us! Cute babies! I especially like the last one.

Just wanted to clarify that I didn’t reborn that last baby, she’s from my personal collection, just modeling one of my sets. :wink:



Welcome to the forum. I love the vintage look and sometimes offer vintage finds with the dolls I sell, also. You will like the fellowship here.

Hi Misty and welcome.

The clothes are so pretty!

I adore vintage too, and I must say, oooh wow, what amazing talent you have in your beautiful textile creations/recreations. I would love to see more, and your price sheet! :heartbeat:

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Hey Misty! You’ll love this forum! Hope to get to know you and Madison better on here! :slight_smile:

Why you were hiding ?? Beautiful work !! Welcome to the forum !!

Hi and I love your style, in reborning and baby cloths- I am a vintage loving nerd :blush:

Hi Misty! Welcome to the forum!

Hi Misty…love your work…both the reborning and the clothing…very nice…Welcome to the forum…you are going to enjoy it here…!!.:slight_smile:

Hi Misty, I’m a vintage nut too!! Welcome to our “family”, you’ll love it here. Misty is my granddaughter’s name, I have always loved it!!

You make some beautiful clothing!