Introducing my newest KRISHNA! Pics for days!


I’m still learning, but I love this little dude!! :slight_smile:


So darn cute! Perfect!


I want you to do a day of the dead!


On my list! :0)


YAY!!! I can’t wait to see what sculpt you choose!!!


Very nice!




Well done…cute…!


@cm006j there ya go!


He is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing more pictures.

I would love to hear how you went about getting the blue skin tone if you felt like sharing!


I can’t remember the exact mix, but when I paint blue, green, etc… dollies, I just get the color I want and barely thin the mix. Enough to blend together, but not so watery that it takes 20 layers. This guy was probably only 2-3 layers to get his base blue. I used a brush to apply mix to eyes, nose, mouth and ears then pounced like a crazy person til it was all perfectly blended. Here are two zombie babies I did the same way. What are you making? :heartpulse:


Awesome! I want to make a Krishna and I wasn’t sure if I should start with regular skin layers and then add a blue on top or start with a blue and then do skin layers or just do the blue!


Oh just do blue! Flesh will get covered up. :0) Have fun!! Post pics!


Thank you! I feel much more confident now! :slight_smile:


You totally got this!


It’s hard to get an accurate picture of the color but I’m happy with how it’s going! It’s rather darker than yours. I only have the vein blue to work with! lol.





Ooh so fun! Aww the Kate sculpt was my first (sad) attempt at rebounding, lol What do you think of him? Are you doing hair?


I love the Kate sculpt. It was my first doll too. I’m feeling good about it even though the blue is not as vibrant as I had planned. I think he’s cute.

I bought a wig, though I’ve never done wigs before. It’s curly and black and looks a bit over the top to me. I’m going to try to trim it down a little bit.

The last part left to do is dying a body navy blue with RIT dye!