Introducing Lavender



She is beautiful!! I love her hair.


Thank you Cindy


Beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Beautiful baby girl


Such a cute frowny face, You did a beautiful Job on her :smile:


You did a beautiful job! She looks great! :heart:


So very sweet!


Adorable baby.


She’s beautiful!
I just got my kit in the mail yesterday :slight_smile:


look forward to seeing your version too :slight_smile:


I actually might start on her soon. I have my Halloween contest babies Im working on right now but I want to get as many babies finished as I can before Christmas and I love painting the realborns. I was thinking it would be cute if I could paint her and Landon as twins but he’s way too big. There is certainly no denying they are brother and sister :wink:


i don’t see why they can’t be twins, twins are seldom the same size as they often don’t thrive the same inside the womb and she’s a girl so it’s only natural that she would be smaller


I thought about that as well but I saw a picture of them side by side and he really looks huge compared to her. Ill think about it :wink:


That was my pic and I’d put Landon in a bigger body, also Lavender has a bigger nose than Landon hehe


LOL…does she? I haven’t noticed that…Ill have to take the kits out and compare. Its hard to see from the side profile :wink:
In that pic they do look cute together. I have painted one Landon but I have another kit…maybe Ill go ahead and paint them together and do pics together as well.