International Shipping HELP?

Hi all, i have a Sam on e-bay right now, I have a question from an e-bay member asking what the shipping is to, Bangkok Thailand. My shipping information says that i only ship in the United States and N and S America, and i ship priority mail. I don’t know what to do about this, i would love to sell the doll. Should i change my mind about my shipping location ,or tell her i don’t ship International. What would you all do? Also, i ship from my house, I love the Carrier pick-up. How do i find out how much it will be to ship to thailand, and can i do that with the carrier pick-up.Also i’m pretty sure insurance should be added. I would love to sell this doll it’s her 3rd time on e-bay, I had her on etsy, and had a buyer that backed out. So i’m really ready for her to go. HELP PRETYY PLEASE,DEE

You can go to the site. Look for how to calculate postage. And use the international shipping. Hope that helps.
As slow things are…yes I would sell.

I have to agree that even thought you stated in your auction that you would only ship to those places, it’s so slow selling rigth now on ebay that I would take any bite I got. You should calculate shipping and get back to her, she may be the perfect mommy for your little one As long as you have more than 12 hrs left on the auction and no bids you should be able to go in and change your ship to information. Go to to calculate shipping if you choose not to change the informaiton on your listing. Once the auction ends you can print the customs form using your paypal print shipping label option like you would with any other ebay sale. It’s much easier doing it this way then filling out the customs forms by hand. Then once you have the label printed you can request carrier pickup since it will be a priority package Hope this helps! Hugs, April