Yes to avoiding people.:rofl: I have tracking on my phone for my daughters so that they know where I am. I am old enough to want to let everyone know where I am. I may run off the mountain avoiding a deer, lol. I am so over Big Brother tracking and stalking. This will be all our new generation knows. We have to get over it.


But what about the baby clothes??!! There may be something you just NEED to have!! :rofl::grin::smiley:


Baby clothes and bakery are my weaknesses.:pie::cake::cookie:


Avoiding people makes that fee so worth it. :joy:

The only thing is that I occasionally like to cook and am inspired by seeing new ingredients. I can run across and exotic ingredient and come up with meal ideas.

That said, I sure wish this was around when I had my last c-section. Sure would have loved to skip the grocery store while recovering from that ordeal.

Same! The tracking person would be so bored. Like “I’m so sick of seeing this woman with a paintbrush in one hand, doll in another.” “Yes, she does get online, but usually to access a forum where she is talking about dolls. Either that or shopping on Amazon.” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We might want to get our DNA tested to see if we are twins.:joy: