Has anyone used this grocery service before? I just did it for the first time and I loved it! It was so easy and I didn’t have to go to the store which is always a plus. So I’m not trying to sales pitch anyone but I wish someone would have told me sooner about this.

So let me tell you first that I signed up for instacart a long time ago but never used it. I don’t really know but I didn’t. Here are some things I found out today that made me change my mind about it. I placed my order around 11am at the store I wanted my shopper to shop at and they were suppose to be here with them between 1pm and 2pm. I got a notification to my phone that my shopper was at the store. I could track when he put an item in the cart which is stinkin awesome! He let me know that one item was out of stock and asked if I would like replacement. I declined and he refunded right away. When he left the store, I could track him on GPS so I knew when he would be at my house. When he arrived, he asked if I wanted him to bring the groceries in or just leave them on the steps. I chose to leave them on the steps because I wasn’t 100% comfortable with a stranger in the house. He was super friendly and didn’t forget any of my items. He was spot on with my order which I completely was not expecting. I thought for sure something would be wrong or something would have been forgotten. He also got here at 12:55 so bonus points for being on time and even a little early. :wink:

Now for the cons. In the app, I noticed the prices were a bit higher however once he checked out, I could review my receipt and see what I was actually charged which did end up being the correct prices at the store. I think they do this in case something is a higher price once they get there. There is also a delivery fee of $5.99 but I felt it was worth it to not have to go to the store. There is also a “service fee” that instacart charges however after placing my order, I read online that you can waive this if you choose to by tapping the change button and typing in $0. Also, you will need to tip your driver. You can do this in the app or cash when they arrive.

All and all this was a good experience. I enjoyed it and will be using it again in the future. I got to stay home and paint while someone else did my shopping. The extra fees were well worth it IMO. So if you want to try it out, here is my referral link. It says you get $10 off and free delivery of your first order if you use it. I think I get free delivery off my next order.


Wow this sounds like a great time saver. I will have to look into it. I live in a small town so may not work for me


Is this more catered to a bigger city? I actually like the idea of this.


I don’t think so but I’m not sure. My town isn’t super big so I was surprised when I saw the sign hanging up a few months back. I think if you type in your zip code, it will tell you if it is your area. :blush:


I am going to check it out now! BRB
Darn not in my area, but I will send your link to my daughter in DC.


The link says they are coming to our area soon - yay! I will watch for it. Thanks for the information.


That sounds handy especially for people who have a hard time leaving the house or in the middle of winter for instance! Also you could save money by not getting suckered into impulse buys. I am so bad at impulse buying lol


I use instacart (a lot more than I’d like to admit, lately) and I love it!!


The Brookshire’s we have here offers this service. I love the idea of groceries being brought to me. I also read that if you want them in an hour, the fee is $7.99, instead of $5.99. That is really great for last minute planning. However, I have been doing the grocery pick up at Walmart for several months. It’s only a mile from my house and there isn’t a fee or anything. Plus, if they have to substitute an item with a larger amount(such as a 16oz lunchmeat for the 8oz I ordered), they only charge me for the 8oz. I can’t tell you how much free food I have gotten.:yum:I suspect they will eventually go to delivery to compete with our local chains doing the Instacart. I did notice that on Memorial Day, Instacart was disabled. Can you imagine if they offered it on Thanksgiving?:open_mouth:

There are many benefits to not going into stores:

  1. avoiding people

  2. lessening the likelihood of illnesses spreading

  3. meal planning made easier

  4. eliminating impulse buying

  5. avoiding people

  6. avoiding people


I have never tried the Wal-Mart thing but I would like to. It’s not too far from house and would probably save me a ton by not stepping in the store. :wink:


Although I do help them load, you don’t have to get out of your car. You do a “check in” through the app once they send the notice that your order is ready. It GPSs your car and let’s them know when you are there.


I would definitely do the InstaCart delivery if that store wasn’t already so much higher on their prices.


Yes, and avoiding people! LOL


You know, this is a little off topic I guess, but do you ever think of how all the conveniences, such as them knowing where you are, etc., also allows “them” to track your every movement? I am not paranoid, but it is true. Also, the smart TVs, so I am told, can actually watch YOU through the “smart” areas of the TV. The smart washer and dryer that texts you to tell you when it is broken and what is wrong with it? The technology is definitely booming. :slight_smile: Just a thought. Thanks for allowing me to share.


LOL. I was just telling my sister that while I was inside a store, I received an update from Google Maps letting me know they had me located in the parking lot. I was thinking, “Thanks for stalking me, creepy Google Maps.”:rofl:
It really doesn’t bother me about all the tracking that is done through computers and such. I don’t have anything to hide. I live a very mundane life. If I’m the most exciting thing they can track, I feel sorry for them.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this sounds wonderful!! Wish they would put the stuff away, cook it and clean up the kitchen too then it would be perfect! LOL


That’s what my hubby is for.:rofl:


do you rent him out? LOL … My husband use to love to cook too, but over the years he hates it too


I hate to cook. I see lots of recipes online that I want to try, though. So, I pick 3 out a week to cook. I put all the ingredients in my Walmart online shopping cart and put the printed recipes on the fridge. It really helps me to cook more at home. I save the recipes that call for lots of chopping for the weekend when the hubby can help. I really need to spend Sundays doing meal kits for the upcoming recipes so I cook a few more days a week.


This is a brilliant idea!