Inside Bountiful Baby Order Fulfillment

Hi Everyone!

We thought some folks might like to see some of what happens inside of Bountiful Baby, so we put a short video on our “About Us” page, here:


It shows the part of our warehouse that most directly deals with Order Fulfillment.

Bountiful Baby

Bountiful Baby
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Thanks for sharing with us.

I was thinking the same thing - the employees seem relaxed & happy to be doing their jobs - nice place to work. Thank you for sharing - it’s nice to see the behind the scenes staff - they are all appreciated!

Love everything about your wonderful company!

Neat to see where babies come from. I was anticipating watching a huge order “pulled” but it was a pair of eyes and a belly plate, lol.

It’s so quiet. I hope the employees are just on best behavior because it’s being filmed.

Just loved seeing that. From the warehouse to Ireland in just a few days always amazes me! But now I can see how such efficiency makes it happen.

I just get amazed at how many kits must go out each day which means there are a lot of reborners out there that aren’t on here! How many kits a year does BB sell?