Input needed- What do you prefer?


These are so witty and adorable I love this idea!


I love love love these! You are so creative. :heart_eyes:


Those are too cute !! -love the pretty eyes and vinyl thighs :joy::joy::rofl:


Oh my gosh! I want every single one of those!


Now these I need several of.


Love these!!


I have NEVER seen any thing like these!!! Wowzers!!! When will they be available?? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@nikkiroc these are available now! A few have been claimed- I will update with exactly what I have now this evening.
I actually bought a machine to do vinyl so I will have tons of these and other designs I have came up with very soon!!


You are so cutting edge with these, they are going to go viral in our industry!


@Reefbubbles I have so much more planned in the near future.
You ladies will be the only ones with these, since I only post here!! At least for now.
I feel comfortable selling within the forum- the rest of the reborn world scares me lol


I know it is such a safe little spot here, so cut throat out there! As soon as someone posts a baby for sale with one on the idea will be out there, but we all know the mastermind behind it​:grin::wink:


Oh my,will you be making adult size t shirts for us reborn baby makers?


Great idea!!!


I’m interested in buying five of them. Please let me know as well


Oh…we are grateful :grin:


Trust me, I have tons planned for us adults too :wink: Just bought a vinyl machine so I can cut out the middle man!!!
Found some awesome preemie and micro preemie shirts too, so even more available for our littler babies.
I dont want to ruin the surprise- but will say that there will be shirts, bags, cups, jars and other stuff for artists and collectors alike :wink: As well as a boatload more fun baby stuff.
I went to the fabric store today and got some more awesome prints, as well as lace and trims too!!!
I have vinyl ordered in so many colors, and am currently stocking up on things to customize.
I am going to have a ton of fairy stuff available soon as well, I have been designing fairy specific outfits and accessories and will start sewing as soon as possible.
I hit a stinkin vulture on my way home from the fabric store, less than a mile from the post office. He had a 6 foot wing span, and probably weighed close to 20 pounds. Luckily, I drive a Tahoe so it didnt do as much damage as it could have, but that disaster halted my PO trip for the day.
The police officer was so impressed that he flipped the bird over and spread his wings to take a picture (I can share if you want- no blood or anything). But that sucker did over $500 in damage, thank the lord I do have car insurance lol, unlike my hospital bills so it will be covered.


Glad you are ok! I may have missed it but what is the vinyl machine for?


Thank you @Anne The vinyl is for the customized clothing and artists/collectors specialty items. Here is a peek at what I have started on


Ladies- does anyone have an idea of what kit this might fit? It was made for micro preemie (angel babies). I made a pattern, but dont have a baby to size it on :wink: Here are the measurements- let me know if you have a baby this size!


More new fabric