Input needed- What do you prefer?


Didn’t come through for some reason


I love both of these :grinning:


I use mostly newborn sizes and for the real borns i love the little diaper covers and top sets. Ruffled bloomers Etc. So you can see more of the baby.


I found my fabric stash!!! So many amazing prints, and trims and ribbon and lace galore!! I will post a pic of the fabrics so y’all can let me know what you do and dont like :wink:


How exciting :grin:! My aunt and my mom gave me a box full of old doilies every shape and size plus I already have a ton in my craft stash. If you think of any way to incorporate them into your design I can drop some in the mail to you.


Oooh. This is so exciting. I need to be canning green beans today. But now I’m going to be checking this post constantly instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if you need help you can write me :slight_smile: if you need ideas you can check my page


Here are some I pulled out real quick :wink:
This is probably half of the patterns I have… And I am going to the fabric store tomorrow, pictures in hand to buy as many as I can :wink:


Oh wonderful you are sooo sweet, thank you. I hope to get to contrite on making a pair soon. Putting a cuddle baby together today


These are allll wonderful these are my FA



They are adorable! I cant wait to get started with them


I agree with the favorites. All those bird prints are perfect :heart_eyes:


Beautiful fabrics ! :heart_eyes:


I absolutely LOVE the nautical prints and the pink “loved” fabric!


This is really exciting!!!


I love the Feltman Brothers dresses. But they are too expensive.


They are dreamy


I have a pale yellow one that I found at our Salvation Army store for 1.75…couldn’t believe it!!


What a great score! :heart_eyes:


Here are my first few onesies! I feel like we need some reborn specific stuff :wink: