Input needed- What do you prefer?


Just a side note I adore these and want so bad to find a way to make them!


I LOVE all the fabrics the others shared. Many of those I already have saved on Etsy. The classic prints are so precious. Here are some more that I like.
Anything woodsy:

Boy stuff with softer colors and prints. If bright, not just primary colors:

Vintage characters:

Girly girly:

And the early childhood education professional in me loves anything literacy based:


Also, while I love frills and ruffles, it would also be nice to have some quality gender neutral outfits with optional hair bows, and maybe sashes. That way we can list babies without chosing the gender. This adorable romper is from LittleQuillsClothing on Etsy. I just added her to my favorites. She has sooo many cute things. :heart_eyes:


I love everything that everyone has posted so far!


I do like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I also love Teddy Bears. I am a Reborn Shoe hoarder!


@Katinafleming I can totally make those!!!


I think we are all on the same page!!! Those fabrics are all ones I have (or similar), or have on my wish list!!!
This should be pretty easy❤
Also, getting ready to take pics of clothing I have here that I want to sell in order to buy more supplies lol.
Anyone want to be tagged, or want me to post them in this thread? Either works for me. A mixture of clothing- some boutique, some regular (Carter’s etc), some dressy, and a few other things that I dont mind parting with at the moment.


Tag me please. :slight_smile:


Tag me, new thread may be better!


Yeah, I figured new thread, this one is nice and organized with everyones ideas, I dont want it going all crazy on me lol


Yes please tag me too


So, I posted clothing and props. And just added kits. Quick sales wanted, I’m desparate so make offers lol


Some cute mop hats would be good. They look adorable and they’re hard to find.


These are beautiful. They probably would not require much fabric. I’ve been looking for tiny shoes they are hard to find. Post here or new thread but tag me if that’s what your doing please.


Oooh don’t forget me and kangaroos :joy: I’m not particular about styles. I have a disease called babyitis. If it’s baby related I have a hard time saying no. My husband keeps telling me how happy he is for my reborning bc otherwise we’d never have grownup vacations bc I’d want more babies. I try to remind him of this when I go on my spending sprees. Bring on the clothes :joy:


I was thinking…I make these bow ties that are completely no sew using Pellon. I laid in bed one night and just thought through a process that would work but leave no raw fabric edges and look professional when it was done. I sold them like hot cakes on Etsy. I am going to brainstorm something hopefully the same for this bootie idea. Even miminmal sewing is better than all…I will keep you posted


I want some when you figure it out.


A forum member gracious shared her pattern one day and pics of how to make lil sandals -I m sure it will work for those too - maybe this will help u -can’t wait to see pics

Scroll up in post for her pics on how to :slight_smile:




That was such an awesome tutorial I screenshot it all and am filing it. I can definitely use that as a jumping off point for mine too…thank you oodles for sharing that with me!