Input needed- What do you prefer?


@Tungaro I would love for you to test some stuff too!!


Oh yes Fairy clothes!!! @babymaw OMG that is beautiful and just what I like. Why are they so hard to find!


I can’t wait to see these!!


This is the knitted suit I was talking about. It has a hat with a tail and a tiny bell on the end, and the booties have ribbon roses on the top. It slips on over the legs and buttons up the back. It’s not so much a costume as just something that looked to me like a elf or fairy might wear. Ofelia has 3/4 arms and the short sleeves are just the right size to cover the arm caps. I think a version with short legs would look cute too. Or a sweet little dress with bloomers and maybe a flowered headband to match


Gahhhh that is soooo stinking adorable, I wish I could knit, wonder if there is a knitting loom pattern that could make this romper. What size babies are the elves usually?


There are several sizes. Marita Winters (you can see hers on MacPherson’s) has some 8" - 10" ones, and there are others that range from 12"-14" and probably some, like my original Ofelia that are a little bigger than that. I think baggy bloomery one piece suits and separate short dresses with bloomers would be adaptable. And hats with elastic are usually size flexible too. Maybe a tiny version and one about the size of a micropremie?


Taking notes of everything!! Thank you so much for all of your ideas and volunteering to critique and photograph for me❤
I was planning to do several preemie and micro preemie sizes since at those size, each quarter inch makes a huge difference lol!!! I have max here, but he is the smallest baby I have, so I am planning to buy some cheap kids dolls in smaller sizes to build patterns on. Then I can send them to you and see what tweaks I need to make :slight_smile:
Kids are back in school tomorrow (jumping up and down) so I will have time to start creating​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


And too expensive


@2layz that outfit is so perfect!
@Reefbubbles I was thinking the same thing a knitting loom pattern. Jasper and Clover are 14 inches. Cupcake is 15 inches.
@Ledbetterlittles A reason to get new reborns one in each size to make patterns for. :wink:


I like Petit Ami style dresses with smocking and bubble suits. But smocking is hard to do. Newborn to 3m for size. I dont like anything with characters on it…like Dinsey…so more classic or vintage.


We have similar taste :wink:


Also, another question… I want to be able to provide a large variety, something for everyone❤
Since we are all on a similar page with the vintage style, and frilly funs stuffs etc., does anyone have particular themes/characters etc that they love?!
I do like some of the characters, I just think they could be a lot cuter than they normally are. (You know, the cheap Disney outfits and character things you see in stores?!)
Like- I love Minnie mouse… But it is hard for me to find anything I would dress a baby in. I also love classic pooh, but have yet to find a baby outfit that didnt look cheap and gaudy.
I have a few things headed my way to make accessories out of that I actually do like the looks of, but want to get some appliques and other things/fabrics to use as well- So I need your input as to what you feel would either suit your taste or that others would want
Like; princess, pooh, Mickey, super heroes, tv shows, or just generic- pig, bear, owl, raccoon, fox, dog etc
Oh, and prints- anybody have particular colors/prints they cant find that they want?
Again, I know we all have different things we like… Anybody want bold stuff too? Animal prints? Chevron? Polka dots? Tie dye? Aztec, houndstooth, plaid etc??? Anything you like that you dont have, lemme know, I am planning a shopping spree (well… I have to list some stuff for sale first) Since it is 1:30 AM and my kids get up at 6, I should probably get to bed, but I will be posting some of the things I bought last week for sale here after they leave!!!


Oh… Because my brain is swirling with ideas and excitement, lol and I cant sleep… What types of accessories do you guys like? Headbands, giant bows, hats, bonnets, blankets, lovies, paci clips, customized pacifiers, shoes, socks, booties, earrings, bracelets, toys, teethers??? So many possibilities❤


I have original Ofelia (16 inches) along with my mini and her sister, Luna (18 inches). I had to make their outfits myself. Fairies at my house always wear silver underwear! I would also love clothes to fit 10-15" inch babies, both male and female. I also would love to help as you need.


Personally I love florals and vintage looking prints.
I like my themes to be classic and not branded characters.

I know from the years that I designed and sold children’s clothing that you have to be very careful using licensed characters. The only way you can do that without violating copyright law is to purchase licensed fabric and use that to make the clothing. You can’t create your own appliques, or princess dress and call it a Mickey romper or a Cinderella dress. I don’t know if they still aggressively pursue this like the used to, but 10-15 years ago Disney was notorious for suing individuals who made things using their characters.


Here are some examples of fabrics that I’d love to have outfits made from:








Every garment you posted is jaw dropping wow!


@ashleyfox98 I have that first fabric (or one very similar)
I need to track down some vintage fabrics, I know I have a few but I need more❤
I also have donuts, cupcakes and some kawaii themed fabrics as well !!!
Thank you for posting those, it really does help me see what you like and gives me great ideas :wink:


Beautiful fabrics!


These are fabrics I thought could fit the bill all from