INO help re:full torso


I am needing a boy full torso for Dominic Ross. I see that he measures in between 21-22 inches. Is it possible to use a 19-20inch torso? I only ask because I don’t see any others that size. If I have to purchase a kit in order to get the torso I will, but I’m really hoping I won’t have to. I’ve looked at other kits with 22 inch torsos i.e Victor by Sheila michael and I noticed they have a neck flange and their is some type of connector that needs to be used.


Yes that would work I think. It should be close enough to fit.


Thank you!


Have you looked at MacPherson? They have several torsos.


This is the one I purchased.
I was just really afraid that it would not fit.
I will put the sculpt together when it gets here, just to be sure.


I would love to see how it looks when assembled! I love babies with full torsos and I was looking at the female version of this for one of my next babies.


I was hoping they wanted a girl lol bc they had a 22inch torso, but nope. Boy it is lol.