Initial Request Gowns Make Offer


I bought these back when I used to name the babies I sold and would send them home with the baby. They have been packed in my tub of clothing.
I do not do that any more so these are up for sale. I paid $15 each for them. Taking offers for purchase. Just want to move them out. There is a pack of leggings here that will match up with the LadyBug gown if you want them too.

quick photos taken with cell phone no flash.



Annabelle lady bug SOLD


MAKE ME AN OFFER for one or all 3


I want Logan!!


The gown with Logan…i love that name and so when i painted the Realborn Logan kit i never changed his name…lol paypal email is


Ill be going to bed here shortly since i have to work tonight…but i definitely want the Logan gown and ill pay the invoice when i wake up :smiley:


@melcurll Good morning! I am just now seeing this. If $10 shipped FC sounds fair to you then just PP it to and be sure to include your address. I am heading out to church in a bit but will be home after 12:30.


My home mailing address is correct on my paypal…but i will include it with the payment :smiley:


Money is sent!! :smiley:


Got it!
LOGAN gown now SOLD