Incorrect reborn filling?

A couple of months ago I purchased my first reborn (realborn Joseph!). I loved her so much that I was inspired to start making my own. I’ve finished my own realborn Joseph and realised that the one I bought was very tight around the limbs. So I disconnected them to make them looser and found out that she was not filled with Polyfill but rather cheap and rough coushion filling. It feels somewhat like harsh wool or batting.

Is this something that I should be disappointed about? Or is this considered an acceptable filling option? The listing did not say she was filled with polyfill but it did not mention the alternate filling method used.

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This can be a hot topic. I’ve seen some strong opinions about this, but that’s all they are. An artist may use any materials she wishes to make a doll. You are buying the artwork, not a manufactured product with rules and regulations. JMO LOL


Lol that is true! It just vaguely felt like a rip off in a way? But that’s true that there’s really no set in stone rules about how a baby should be made.


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I know that some artists grind up foam to use as filling because they prefer the feel of it. I have a baby who was painted by a prototype artist with this kind of filling. I love everything about him.

I actually considered trying this kind of filling since I love how my baby feels so much, but decided against it. I fill each doll knowing that it may be taken apart one day, contents scrutinized, so I will hopefully avoid problems by sticking with what people recognize: glass beads and polyfil… hope that nobody takes issue with the color stockings I’ve used to encase the beads or the size of the beads themselves.


Yes, perhaps she liked the firmer feel or there was some other reason for her choice. Welcome to the forum BTW.

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You definitely were not ripped off. It is WAY more work to grind up foam than it is to buy a cheap bag of polyfil.


Oh thank you! This clears things up :blush:


@MissRosa That depends on a lot of factors.

  1. Is it stuffing clean? If it is, I don’t think I would mind.
  2. What did you pay for this reborn? Sometimes people get a very inexpensive reborn and spend time picking it apart, for some reason. Not saying you are doing this, but I’ve seen it.
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Oh! I see- thank you! This makes me feel a lot better about this now.

At first I was quite confused because it felt a lot like the stuffing I used to take out of chairs when I was younger to fuel my crafting obsession.


It seems clean! I didn’t really go digging around or anything since I was afraid id disrupt the way she was stuffed and weighted but the parts I saw were clean.

Ah she was a bit on the cheaper end I think? She ended coming up around $400 NZD for me (plus a $150 customs charge but that was my own problem haha). I didn’t mean to seem like those people who pick apart dolls just to complain (as I’ve seen many people doing.) I just wanted her arms and legs to be able to move (they were fastened so starkly in place that I couldn’t shift them at all)


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The only problem I see is that she did not say what she used, other than that it was clean and you were happy with the way she felt it’s all good. I too stuff my doll with the attitude that someone will take her apart one day. I like to stuff my baby the way I want her to feel, so most likely will take her apart at some point.

Thank you!

That’s completely true, you all have helped ease my mind about the materials used on her. After all, yes, I do love the way she feels. She’s a bit firmer than my doll which makes her kinda easier to carry around when I need to use one hand.


@Anne I do the same…it’s a good rule to always assume your reborn will be taken apart at some point.

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I have experimented with different fillings. I have used expensive silky fill, and firmer fill. I liked both.

The silky stuff is soft but the trade of is you get a puffier body.

The firm stuff gives your body more structure (clothes look better) but isn’t as cuddly.

I just stopped using the firm even though I personally like it better because the feedback is people like something a little more squishy.

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Well I use trouser socks. They hold the glass beads better lol


I have learned myself this is very touchy. What I will say is if I were you, I would expect the description to match what you got, nothing more nothing less. If the seller didn’t state exactly what they put in, it seems it is at their own discretion. If they did, and it doesn’t match what was supposed to be inside, you have a right to be…slightly peeved…or to at least question the seller directly. IMO. I had a situation that was similar and I am at peace with it now. I asked my seller why she used the materials she did and we came to terms.


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