In need of photos


Hi Everyone,
I am working on a Biracial baby right now and am needing some tips on doing the nails. I do not want them to be pure white of course…Does anyone have photos, or could take photos of Biracial/AA baby nails and toenails please?
Thanks in advance…


I don’t have any pictures on the computer, but I know from pictures my parents have in albums (I am biratial, my skin colour was more A/A when I was a baby) that our nails tend to be more pinkish in colour near the tips, and a sort of pale lavender/blue combination but still pink as you get closer to the beds. I don’t know if this helps, I’ll try and scan the pictures next time I get them near a computer.


That would be great! Thank you so much!

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I would use very thin flesh 07 for the tips.


Oh! Those photos are PERFECT! Thank You so much!!