I'm the slowest rooter in the world


It has taken my a little over 55 hours to root half of Precious Gift’s head. I don’t feel like the kit has that big of a head… She is my first reborn. I did get twice as fast on the second quarter of the head vs. the first quarter, but I feel like I am stuck at the speed I’m at. Do people get faster the more dolls they root? I really hope so. I’m not leaving any plugs and I’m rooting the hair pretty close together, but I don’t think the hairs are too close. I do enjoy rooting, I just wish I was faster! I’d love and advice or constructive criticism. Thanks!



IT is looking good for your first head! You will get quicker as you do more. You will figure out how to place the head, how to hold the needle, etc and things will go faster and stay looking good. :wink:


Looks great to be your first head of rooting.


Nice rooting.


Wow! I wish my first one had looked that good. Keep it up. You’ll get faster. :grinning:


It looks really good!


You are doing a really good job. Practice is your best teacher when it comes to rooting, keep going, you’ll get quicker.


It looks amazing. You will get faster.


Hard to believe it’s your first. Good job!


You are doing a fabulous job.I hate rooting and am not patient enough to make it look good.Keep at it,I know that babies hair will look great.


Thank you so much ladies for your encouragement! :smiley:


it’s not about speed, it’s about the result. I have been reborning for some 8 years and it still takes me a long time. It takes me weeks; i cannot do more than about an hour at one time, so it is difficult to add the actual hours. Also some vinyl, and even just some spots on on head, are more difficult than others. The longest I took to root a doll was more than year LOL; I took lots of breaks… Just concentrate on how it looks, not on haw fast you managed to do it.

Years ago, there was a video on utube of a woman rooting doll by stabbing at it at absolutely furious speed and she rooted the head at no time at all. It looked absolutely hideous; sticking in every direction, huge plugs and tails everywhere. Wish I could find the video, it was quite funny to watch.


I know exactly how you feel!!! I have not been able to micro root and frankly i dont have the patience…lol but i am working on Kenzie’s hair and its gonna take me forever and a day to finish it. Its a little pluggy but its not too bad…and she is gonna stay here with me so the plugginess doesnt bother me much


I just got a Kenzie but haven’t started her yet. I rooted Tibby and it took me 80 hours. Hopefully I can do it a little faster now that I know what I’m doing.


Thanks @ludmila. Also, that video does sound pretty entertaining:). @melcurll, your baby looks great! @jeanhai, at least I’m not alone, but we’ll both get faster!


You will get faster.


looks very nice; you cannot do one hair in hole if you want really thick hair. i personally prefer lovely rooted head like yours to badly rooted sparse. Some babies do have thick hair; it may fall out later on, but I have seen some very hairy babies LOL


Thank you!! I love babies with a head full of hair :smiley: and since Kenzie is a bigger baby a full head of hair will do just fine…lol and i must say i love the needles i have. I think they are a 40g spiral needle…and the hair im working with is a dream!!


@melcurll what kind of needle is spiral? I have not heard of it before.


Its a needle that has a twist…i bought mine off of amazon but the lady i bought them from has a site called heidifeathers.com if you go to her site you should be able to find the 40g twisted/spiral needles. I love them…im still rooting my Kenzie and im just about half way done and im still on my first needle. 10 come in a pack…and they are color coded…the 40g spiral needles have a light blue top on each needle. When i ordered them off amazon i didnt know she was located in the UK so it did take a little extra time getting to me…but i think it was worth the wait :smiley:

i tried to capture the spiral with my cells camera…i hope it helps