I'm so mad!

I ordered Ashley Awake about a week ago, I finally got a chance to start working on her and I notice something didn’t look right.:thinking: Then I realized one leg is from Alma!! Darn, now I have no kit to work on. :unamused:



Send the pics to Bountiful Baby. They can probably swap the Alma leg for an Ashley left leg.


Yes, I just sent them an email and included pics. I hope they respond quickly.

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Oh man!!! I hate when that happens but I am really excited to see your version of Ashley which one did you get awake or asleep?

I know right! I hope they don’t take long sending me the right leg. I got Ashley Awake :relaxed:

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Yup I checked one of my kits and it had 2 left legs and a right leg??? It was a Steven kit and I thought someone would be missing a leg somewhere. Guess they must be picking parts to make a kit or ??? :footprints: :baby:

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