I'm so excited!

I have been bad again. Lol. I just got my Tatjani by Elisa Marx. It was the last one in stock at creative impressions. And i’m ordering Asher by Donna Lee. Well I’ve been much worse than just that but those are the two best bads hehe. Everytime I get a kit almost done I get all worked up & excited and buy a bunch more & I can’t help myself!!!

I know what you mean. I have so many kits I’m trying not to indulge but I’ll probably break down. I want to do an Asian baby. I did Tatjana by Elisa Marx. I love her sculpts. I have Joysie by her waiting in my closet. Her sculpts have beautiful limbs. It is a great addiction to have.
Have fun being bad!!!

You’ve done tatjani and you have joycie!? I’m so jealous!! Grrr
I want a joycie too. Are they supposed to be twins?

I don’t know about being twins. I’ve had Joycie for some time now. I was really tempted to grab the last Tatjana also. Elisa’s babies are big which is what I love about them. When I get around to her I’ll be sure and post a pic. I don’t have a picture of my Tatjana but I named her Bethany. I saved a hard copy and will try to photograph that one to post.

Isn’t reborning them fun? Sometimes I’m still thinking about how I’m going to reborn them while I’m trying to sleep. It’s a very therapuetic addiction.

Happy Easter,

Nicole can I ask you if you sell them and make money? If you are then it cant be bad.
I feel bad when I order dolls because I have no plan to sell them and make money I just hope maybe someday I will. Maybe I will want to keep them all? I am not good enough yet to sell them at a profit.
dolly hugs Debi

Haha! No I haven’t sold any! But I actually have some paying orders to do lol. I keep gifting them but I’ve learned enough now to stop that. I’m making one to donate to our local nursing home & one for our family reunion auction & then hopefully I can start to recoup some $$$.
oh and I’m making twins for the swap but I get twins too!