I'm running out of room


I seen this last week in Instagram. I’ve finally come to the conclusion, I don’t need anymore kits. I have no more room to store them. I have like 6 totes of kits. Smh. But I do want Dominic awake :rofl::rofl:


I am moving while getting more kits, lol! I am going to stop looking soon, for real. :disappointed_relieved:


I still look. But I haven’t looked as much since the website changed. So that’s good on my behalf, I guess. :neutral_face:


I actually did a whole inventory over the past month. I have a total of 302 kits. A 174 are Bountiful Baby kits. I have some back from 2005 that are really pink. I also found some retired ones that I didn’t even know that I had. I have no room left but I do love the new kits that BB are coming out with. I did realize my spending habits have changed with the new website, with the deals not being on the home page.


302 kits??? Wow!!!


HahA! I wish I had too many lol! :rofl::blush:


Yep, and that’s not including all of my mini ones that are from Marita Winters. I have a bad habit.


Me too I don’t look as often as I use to any more. Maye I’ll cure my addiction to buying kits this way. LOL :roll_eyes:


Wow, that’s a whole lot of kits. I don’t have room for that man kits.


I have a studio which at one point was our master bedroom. But it is small. The only reason why I did an inventory was because I was literally running out of room to sew. I talked my hubby into letting me use a corner in the basement for sewing. I have two closets that are full, plus he put shelves on the wall and I have a extra shelf that I have more bins on. I went through all of my mohair and bodies. I couldn’t believe everything I have collected since 2005. I will take a picture once I have my room in order.


I don’t have that many-maybe 50 and I have forbidden myself to order any more kits until I finish at least 10 that I have plus 2 customs. (I just pre-ordered Adelina by Elisa Marx. Pre-orders don’t count, right?) It’s a sickness. LOL


I might be down to 30 or so now and I’m going to plow through these this year. I think BB has cured me of my habit with their new site, so I may just be able to do it. :grin:




I don’t know, BB has a ton of kits 50% off on the new homepage today, including seconds of Asher Awake and asleep, and Thomas asleep! :wink:


I have 8 lol!!!


You doing good. Don’t get like the rest of us. :wink:




I just started lol. I hope and pray not to get too addicted. I have a business that has fallen because I want to reborn all the time :rofl:


You are definitely in the DANGER zone.


Oh no.