Im new here!


I would like to say HI!!

my username is redwingds81 and my real name is Liz
i love dolls! and i only collect have no talent to reborn yet.

love LIz


Hi Liz, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here
You can tell us more about yourself, and learn about the people here in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=45211


Welcome Lyz to BB Forum.


Hi, Liz! Welcome even if you don’t paint yet! Post away…always glad to read these posts!


Hi again… just sent you a PM and then came back to read new topics and see that you answered my questions… Welcome … perhaps you should start making babies… it is fun…



thank you everyone for greeting me! love liz


Welcome! Just be prepared though, reborning is addictive! Everyone here are so wounderful espically when it comes to help.


welcome Liz


Hi and welcome to the forum. When you do decide to reborn you might consider getting a kit on sale for $14.95 and then just go for it.They have one right now in Today’s Deals. Someone on this forum has decided to sell her supplies and it would be a get starter set. If you need more info on this, send me a pm and I will find the listing for you. She has it listed on ebay right now.


Hi Liz and welcome!

BB has some great deals so don’t be afraid to jump right in and take a chance by making a baby of your very own. The kits on BB can be very reasonable and lots of people here to help you along the way.


There are so many lovely and talented ladies here.

You will have so much fun. Just jump right in.


Hi Liz, WELCOME!!! This is a great group of ladies… Have fun !!!


Welcome Liz, join in on the fun.huggs Rose


Hi my name’s rebekah, welcome to the forums i’m one of many rebornists around here.

do you think you’ll try reborning? if you do, post pictures i’d love to check it out.


Hi Liz and welcome,
I am fairly new here too and all the ladies have been very friendly and helpful.
I was like you, started collecting and got hooked on these lovely babies and thought I’d never be able to make one my self. Then I saw on BB that they have some really good deals on kits so though maybe I should give it a go after all, I want more babies but can’t afford the $400 -$500 that I had been paying so decided to take the plunge.
I am working on my first reborn right now, it has been fun and a little frustrating at times but everyone here is so helpful with answering my many questions.
I should have my first baby done soon (I am in the middle of rooting the hair right now) so I will post pics when she/he is finished.
I have bought loads of kits so I will get plenty of practice and I can only get better as time goes by.
This first baby I am giving to my 7 year old and she loves it already.
Yes the cheap kits are great value for beginners.

You’ll want to make your own one soon…


Hi Liz! I started as a doll collector of Annette Himstedt’s and Middleton babies. When it got too overcrowded and I realized I just couldn’t have them all (getting expensive too!), I bit the bullet and tried a reborn (Shyann). When I finished her and held her for the first time, I actually teared up! Over time, I have sold almost all my Middleton baby dolls and only buy reborn kits now. I probably have most of them, although it will take me most of my life to complete them! It is so totally addictive, rewarding, relaxing, theraputic and on occasion, profitable! Have fun and don’t be afraid!


Welcome Liz!!! I am new here too!! You will love it…everyone is so nice and if you like babies you will surely love the pictures all these girls post of their beautiful reborns!!