I'm looking for


a rectangular ceramic paint pallet. Its wells are long and slanted so the paint pools at one end and you have room to wipe your brush without dripping into another well like the daisy one. I hope I explained that right…lol…Has anyone ever seen them? I looked all over…ebay, google search, etc and can’t locate it anywhere…


I’ve seen plastic ones like that but not ceramic. I could check at the art store I frequent but can’t there until Saturday. I know they have a lot of ceramic pallets there.


Thanks Gina…are plastic ones compatible with genesis paints?


I don’t think you can use plastic…cheapjoes.com has the porcelain rectangular pallets for $6.49 + shipping. I have never ordered from them myself.


I got mine from ■■■■ Blick Art Supply but they are out of stock until January! But maybe you can get one from here:

http://www.cheapjoes.com/art-supply/CJ1 … alette.asp


Well I checked cheapjoes. $6.49 but shipping is $8.00. Does that sound like too much for shipping? And I searched Michaels website and nothing was found… … but thank you ladies for the help…


lol…thats ok…but thanks for looking…


I use a cheapo depo plastic one and it work great.


I use plastic ones too and I’ve never had any problems.


hunnybuns has a larger ceramic pallete. It’s round, though.