Im just curious

When your doing a baby with open eyes, at what point do you put the eyes in? After the final bake? Can they go in the nuwave? Another question, I’ve done some babies with opened eyes and have such a hard time putting them in from behind ( cutting the eye socket) however I find it so easy to insert the eye from the front while the vinyl is hot and no need to cut the eye socket. Is there a reason why they cant be inserted without cutting the eye socket I dont know about? Just curious :thinking:

I take them in and out during the painting process. I cut the sockets before I paint the kit. Some kits it’s possible to insert them from the front but it’s also possible to tear the vinyl while doing it so you have to be careful. It’s easiest to put the eyes in from the back while the head is warm still. Some eyes can be baked but I would avoid it if possible.

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I was wondering the same. I’d love to be able to pop them in from the front, and avoid cutting the flap

When I used Genesis I would pop them in from the front after the final bake, when it vinyl is very soft.
I now use air dry and cut the back open. I liked inserting from the front better, but it doesn’t work that well with cold vinyl. And there’s the risk of splitting the vinyl of course.

Yes, thats how I prefer to insert them, from the front when the vinyls hot.

I insert eyes from the front all the time while the vinyl is warm. I like to put the eyes in early in my paint process. It helps me along the way to decide the skintone a I might use.

I use air dry paints so I always insert my eyes from the back. I find it easier to position them that way. Eyes and pacifier magnets are the very last thing I do before assembly. I don’t want them coming loose while I’m rooting.

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I used to bake with eyes in from time to time, but when doing Emmy, I had an acrylic eye crack while baking. It may have been a defective pair, but I’m too scared to try it again!!

I’ve had a pair crack too from baking. They were cheap eyes from MacPherson. But now I’m like you, scared to try again. :grimacing:


After all is baked and I rooted the head, then I root the lashes and then glue all of that. Then I insert eyes and magnet and glue that and the hair inside head for second layer. So the last step.

Thank you Ladies for all the responses, all so very helpful :hugs: