I'm in shock!

I got the hispanic Raine put together last night (forgot to take photos, of course) and had my daughter take him over to show my friend next door. Her husband and she went crazy over it (which I always see the little places that I could have done better). He wanted to take it to work today to show everyone, he drives a van for medical patients and everyone is going crazy over it! They want to know if it is for sale and want to put it in a doll show they are having at their center in Williamsburg!

My family isn’t excited over them at all so I usually don’t show them to people so the positive feedback is great. They want to know if I have any others finished that I’m willing to sell too. I have the two NA ones but I’d sell them for cheaper because of the problems with the hair. It doesn’t pull out but it can’t be glued either. The other two I need to order bodies for from Carmen. One other is for a disabled friend in CA.

So even though this is a hobby for me, it’s great to know that I’m not totally failing at it!

Yeah you! It is so encouraging to have your babies adored. Good luck on future babies. If I can help let me know. You have been such an encouragement for me.


I am so jealous! LOL